The mattress is one of the most important products of your home which needs to be taken care of in a proper way. Frequent cleaning of the mattress is very important as you spend a maximum of your time on it. Normally,How to Clean Your Mattress Properly? Articles mattresses are the victims of dust, dirt, mites, bugs and dead skin cells. You need to take special care on cleaning the mattress because these culprits will not only harm your mattress but also spoil your health.

Regular cleaning or vacuuming the mattress will fix all these errors and helps you to stay healthy and hygiene, this process will even maintain the quality of your mattress and increases its life.

Cleaning is a must; but how you clean your mattress matters! Here are the best methods to clean your mattress to achieve 100% cleanliness and health.

Best Mattress Cleaning Methods


This is the very important and primary step to clean any type of mattress or carpets. Normally any type of mattress can be vacuumed to eliminate dust, dead skin cells, dirt, and mites. You spend most of your time on the mattress, if you are one among who eat on the mattress or missing shower before going to bed then you must concentrate more on frequent cleaning of the mattress.

Because over time, the mattress will start accumulating the pathogens and crumbs ที่นอน and the only best way to get cleaned is by vacuuming. Buy a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment for best results.


It is very difficult to sit on the mattress that smells odd! The odors occur in mattress due to your body sweat or other activities that you do on it (spilling food or other liquids). The mattress will absorb your body sweat and starts releasing the odor and the important fact is that you will not realize it soon because it is your own smell. One of the best ways to eliminate the odors from the mattress is to deodorize the mattress.

Baking soda is the best deodorizer which will completely eliminate the odors from the mattress. Sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress, use a soft bristle brush and rub the soda all over the mattress. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and vacuum the mattress to take away the baking soda. Vacuuming the mattress after sprinkling baking soda will also eliminate the dampness from the mattress.

Flip it

Normally, not all types of mattress require flipping; before you start this process carefully check the manufacturer’s instruction. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to achieve top performance and long-lasting quality of the mattress.

If you have a double sided mattress, flip it from top to bottom and sides to sides every week. Repeat the same process for the first three months. After flipping the mattress repeat the same and complete cleaning process to achieve the best results.

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