Links including reciprocal links make your site get indexed by search engine and they rank your pages for target keywords.  The higher rank in search engines you have,Link Building: Reciprocal Link Building Articles the more traffic you will get.  More traffic means more visitors and more money for your online business.

Even though, the influence of reciprocal links is reduced, but the links can help improve your site rank.  You may know that building links is a challenging process.  However, reciprocal links are often the easy ones to do, especially for brand new sites.

Before we go on how to build reciprocal links, keep in mind that you should have reciprocal links no more than 25% of the total amount of inbound links.

To build as natural looking links as possible, you can swap the links only with the sites that are related to the theme of your page.  For example, reciprocal links between the site on poker and the site on making money online are O.K.  There is the relationship between the two sites hidden wiki. However, the reciprocal links between the site on poker and the site related to SEO is not a good idea.  The search engine will suspect the “agreement” between the sites to the links in order to increase the page ranks.

When you swap the links, make sure the pages you are linking to from your site will be a good source of information for your own readers or visitors.  You are less likely to get penalized by search engines such as Google for that reciprocal link if you have a good reason to reciprocate links besides just the intent to increase your page rank.

You will always get some benefit from this reciprocal links even though they are considered as the second-class links by the search engines.  They are still valuable because of the traffic the linking pages will send visitors to your site.

Remember that link building including reciprocal links takes time and you will not see your site page rank increase overnight.  You must have patience.   And it will pay off if you put time to build your reciprocal links and backlinks consistently.

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